Wrath of the Ice Dragons

BEWARE! Ice Dragons are getting peeved with everyone wishing for summer. They’re threatening to retaliate with perma-frost.


Self-evident Fantasy/SciFi Truths

Those familiar with the ethereal alternate dimensions of fantasy and science fiction hold these truths to be self-evident:

1. Dragons are smarter than people.

2. Elves are smarter than people.

3. Sorcerers are smarter than people.

4. Aliens are smarter than people.

5. People don’t know it.

Those willing to embrace these remarkable truths will be drawn into the world of fantasy with but one goal: to alter the truth — or die trying.

Come venture with me into the unknown and explore the fantastical world of fantasy/scifi. You will be thrilled, chilled and excited as your thirst for adventure is filled. Let’s go!